Allan Deas



Allan Deas is an award winning illustrator & designer based in Barcelona, Spain. With more than twenty years experience in the creative industries he has designed for a wide range of international clients across fashion, packaging, editorial & advertising including the likes of Twinings, Vodafone, Waitrose, Karl Lagerfeld & National Geographic & is always on the lookout for new & exciting projects!  Inspired by travel, vintage packaging, posters, books & TV shows of his childhood in the 70s & 80s Allan’s authentic style sees retro & current influence twist together in a cocktail of colourful detail, charming characters & a quirky sense of humour which bring his work to life! Allan has exhibited in cities such as London, Barcelona, Milan, Stockholm, Los Angeles & Florence & has had his work featured in many design books from publishers including Gestalten, Victionary, Sandu & IdN.