Anne Albert



Anne is a freelance illustrator from Potsdam, a city in Germany. She mainly works for clients from the publishing industry, and in the fields of culture, advertising, and politics. Through her expressive and striking illustrative style, she translates complex ideas into dynamic visuals, deftly encapsulating concepts, and adding new layers to a subject. She strives to develop an original, ever-evolving, visual language. Her distinct style, characterized by a minimalistic selection of colors, geometric designs, and edgy characters, often involves abstract shapes, optical illusions, birds, plants, and women of all forms. Defined by strong, empathetic visual concepts and a love for abstraction, her work invokes the joy of playing and creating. Besides her commissioned work, Anne enjoys exploring printing techniques including screen printing, etching, and Riso printing. Taking inspiration from everyday life, daily struggles, and everyday pleasures, Anne explores her own overthinking through her artworks. Yet, she also likes to show things, shapes, and thoughts that are mood lifting. Anne started her online shop to make her prints available for everyone and keep getting motivated to create more personal work.