Birute Paukstyte

United Kingdom

Hello! I am a still life and fashion photographer based in London. Growing up in a small town in Lithuania surrounded by its beautiful and raw nature, my work has been highly influenced by the constant craving to reconnect with the natural beauty and stillness that sustains the tranquility and zen of our inner lives in this chaotic modern world. My creative process adapts and appreciates the beauty of natural light in my every day environment using simple and bold compositions to embrace the simplicity in life by drawing all the focus on the subject. By the age of 16 I was already working for a local newspapers in my hometown as a photojournalist as well as winning national yearly photography awards and participating in a group and solo exhibitions. I was very passionate about visualising and portraying interviews and articles I was writing for. A year before graduation and getting ready for the university I have graduated from a private school of journalism that guaranteed my further studies and career in writing. However, my equally strong passion and love for photography led me to meeting a Lithuania based editorial and portrait photographer Albert Pocej, who truly inspired me with his amazing work and I took a turn towards photography studies instead. in a year of 2013 I have graduated in photography with an international diploma being selected as one of the best students of the year and rewarded with a further education in Finland with my first international commission for a print editorial. Soon after I decided to continue developing my career in photography in London, UK, where I have been working and living ever since.