Carlos A. Reck




“My life is a never-ending battle between urgency and serenity.”  Galapagensis [Carlos]. Carlos’ photography reflects an ongoing theme of shared vulnerability that he encounters: being one who battles with his own vulnerability as well as that of others. Growing up in the Galapagos: an underprivileged place with fewer than 1,000 people, he frequently finds himself pining for moments of solitude. It’s a place that has sculpted and influenced who he is as an artist. “I want my images to speak to a fast world; an audience so accustomed to stimulus-overload. I find magic in freezing fleeting moments of light and nature that will never come back. Our surroundings are constantly changing, so too are we, and I see huge value in taking small moments to pause.” Carlos’ work encompasses this delicate process: he succeeds in stopping time and in capturing an image we can retreat to amid the chaos of daily life. His imagery serves as a gentle reminder to us: to appreciate the moment we’re in.