Filipe Mendes



Filipe De Merisi is a seeker to endure in the Arts. He creates narrative, unconventional silhouettes, figure paintings, experimental landscapes, and backdrops that reflect his experience of the world. He´s an old-fashioned advocate using primarily graphite pencils, charcoal, India inks as well as oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, and coloured pencils to explore deeply themes of nostalgia, loneliness, perseverance, liberalism, and the golden bridge between the realm of dreams and reality. His paintings are inspired by immediate surroundings, curiosity, and daily artistic wanderings. His compositions are filled with both personal and artistic flare, embellished by his spirit and soul, infused by the artist within. They aim to touch people, to evoke in them a sense of wondering, dream-like transformation. Filipe De Merisi uses his Officialafrovenus art Persona to make the connections, to fill in the gaps, and in terms of substance to mirror the times and the looming challenges of this mundane, fast-paced world. He wants to belong to the Creative World and to that end he´s trying with every step he takes to reach a point where he´s deploying on his paper his array of influences, whether the Old Masters or contemporary artists.