Louise Ward


I am a Fine Art Photographer based in London, U.K. I studied Fine Art and then Photography at two of the top London Art Schools, Camberwell and Central Schools of Art, in the 1980s and 90s. I also have teaching qualifications from the University of London. I have extensive experience of working on creative collaborative education and public art projects with Arts Institutions and Organisations. I am extremely well organised and an effective all round communicator and team worker. I am particularly good at innovating and developing new ideas through visual media. My current portfolio is an ongoing investigation into the relationship between Photography and Painting through the genre of Still Life. I am particularly attracted to Northern European Painting from the 13th - 16th century. I often take my inspiration from Artists such as Rachel Rusch, Jan Van Huysum and Lucas Cranach the Elder, whose work I have sought out in various galleries and museums. Each Photograph that I make is unique. I work somewhere between creative excitement and analytic problem solving. First there is the idea and what I want to communicate. I then start the process of research, sketching, sourcing objects or particular plants, trying out various compositions, angles and lighting, evaluating and revising constantly. I tend to use an almost stage-like or theatrical space in my shots, often, but not exclusively, with a dark background. Mostly, I like to use daylight and continuous daylight temperature lights. I consider the colour palette of each composition very carefully. Post production can sometimes be simple, other times more complex.