Vadims Pjatrikovs

United Kingdom


My name is Vadims Pjatrikovs. I am a still life photographer and light painter. My photography journey began in 2005 when I received my first camera as a gift and started studying photography as a skill. What makes my style recognizable today is this special painterly look of each photograph. Every piece is full of mystery, magic, experimentation and has a really dramatic and atmospheric look and feel. I invest a lot of thought, time and effort into every art piece I create. I combine all my previous experience with what I see, hear and sense in the world every day. These ideas are then shaped into a sketch, from which I then craft and place the individual physical objects for my composition with the utmost care. And then spend hours and hours photographing this all - in near-complete darkness. Each art piece is full of details. You can look at the artworks again and again and find something different each time. They encourage you to think deeper about what you see - a classic still life with a touch of the unexpected.